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Do Your Homework Before Your First Doctor Appointment

Would you buy a new car without checking it out first?  Probably not.  You'd probably test drive it, research its features on the manufacturer's website, or even obtain a Carfax to find out about the car's background.  Before your first appointment with a new doctor, do your homework!  Did you know you can research any doctor's background by checking his or her licensure status with the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision?  The Medical Licensure Board maintains an interactive website that allows you to search the physician by name, to determine his or her specialty, whether he or she is in good standing.  To research your doctor, follow this link to the Board's website.

The information available on the website is basic, but it will tell you the doctor's specialty, whether he or she is board certified, and whether there are any limitations on his or her abiliy to practice medicine.  Another internet based resource is the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network.  This is an interactive website which contains court records.  You can seach the website to determine whether your physician has been the subject of any court proceedings  To check our your doctor's litigation hisory, follow this link to the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network's website.



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