Birth Trauma / Cerebral Palsy

Birth Trauma/Cerebral Palsy

Although labor and delivery normally goes well, sometimes events occur that require critical decision making by the nurses and obstetrician to prevent harm to mother or baby. When mistakes are made during labor and delivery, they can cause devastating injuries such as birth trauma and cerebral palsy. These injuries can require a lifetime of specialized medical care, costing millions of dollars. Litigation cannot fix the devastation and heartbreak caused by these mistakes, but it can accomplish several very important goals. First, successful litigation results in obtaining fair compensation for the injuries and providing financial resources to help pay for the expensive medical care. Second, litigation can force change. The overriding goal in every case we handle is to bring the mistake to the attention of the health care provider, to force policy or procedure changes, and to prevent the mistake from happening again in the future. We have successfully handled numerous birth trauma/cerebral palsy cases, and obtained life-changing results for injured children and their families.

  • Delay in performing C-section, resulting in fetal distress and brain damage
  • Refusal to perform C-section, resulting in death of fetus
  • Improper use of Vacuum Extractor
  • Improper use of Forceps
  • Brachial Plexus injury (Erb's palsy)
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Skull fracture during labor & delivery
  • Failure to properly monitor the fetal heart monitor tracings
  • Improper management of placental abruption patient
  • Failure to properly manage patient with gestational diabetes during pregnancy
  • Mismanagement by Nurse Midwife during labor & delivery