Firm Overview

Firm Overview

  •  Over 20 years experience in medical malpractice litigation
  •  Over 50% of medical malpractice cases referred by other attorneys and former clients

Slama Legal Group is a firm of civil trial and appellate lawyers representing individuals who have been harmed by medical malpractice, negligence or insurance bad faith. We are committed to these basic principles:

Expertise. We are experts at resolving disputes, whether through litigation, mediation or negotiation, in any state or federal court within the state of Oklahoma. We have the knowledge, resources and experience to successfully handle your case.

Preparation. Careful, thorough and aggressive development of the evidence increases your chances of successful litigation. We are relentless in our pursuit of the facts, following every lead, and researching every detail. When we take your case, we commit the time, work, resources and experts necessary to obtain the justice you deserve.

Results. In civil litigation, justice is delivered in the form of compensation. Everything we do is designed to maximize the recovery in your case. We have over 20 years experience delivering substantial results for our clients.

You can find out more about us by looking us up on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network. This is an interactive website located at This website contains court records for many Oklahoma counties, including Oklahoma and Tulsa counties, where the majority of litigation occurs. It also contains Oklahoma appellate records. You can search this website to see actual cases handled by an attorney or firm.

To research cases handled by the lawyers of Slama Legal Group, follow this link. and type "Slama" in the last name box, and "Jo" in the first name box, and click "Go".